Maiko Geisha Make Over Studio YUMEKOUBOU


Q. Can I bring my own camera?

A. Sure! Only in the free space is available.
Please take many pictures.

Q. What do I need to bring for my makeover?

A. Please bring your own make-up tools if you puton make-up yourself after taking the maiko make-up off.

Q. Can I take off the maiko-make easily?

A. Yes. we have make-up remorer and you can wash away-easily.

Q. How long would it take altogether?

A. About 2 hours for 1 person, 2.5 hours for 2-3 people. and more than 4 for over 3 hours.
when you ahoose the walk plan we meed more. about 30 minutes.

Q. Is there any age limit for the makeover?

A. Everyone more than 5 years old can enjoy the makeover!

Q. I'm rather tall・・・would the kimonos fit me?

A. The biggest kimono we have is Japanes size 17. (about the same size as US14)
we only have 1 or 2 kimono for this size. so please note that you cannot pick up your favorite kimono.

When you have any questions, please call us. (+81-75-353-4423)